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Mission & Vision
YOUR reliable, trustworthy and effective energy partner!

Endurance PC commenced operation in February 2022 aiming to become a recognized and reliable partner in providing high level advisory services linked to the Oil Industry and specifically to the Crude and Products Trading, Refining, Oil Products Supply and Distribution, Shipping, Hedging and Brokerage as well as Mergers and Acquisitions of Assets in the broader spectrum of the Industry.

Endurance PC was named intentionally by its shareholders in this spirit so as to show resilience and sustainability in a volatile Crude and Products market while having the longstanding and accumulated experience to navigate through the challenges posed in the Oil, Refining and Shipping sectors currently in an environment of Energy Transition and global geopolitical turbulence.

Our vision is to become a reliable, trustworthy and effective energy partner in the Greek and global energy markets and to offer high quality advisory services and experience on the entire spectrum of the oil, gas and energy markets on an end to end basis in an effective and sustainable manner to our customers and partners.

Our attributes and values are integrity, confidentiality, reliability, knowledge, effectiveness and entrepreneurship on an extrovert and professional basis.