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Mrs Relina Kontoyiannis, is an oil industry professional, with extensive experience in the Refining, Trading, Downstream, as well as the Shipping Industry, accumulated over a span of nearly 40 years of active presence in the Industry. 

Relina Kontoyiannis
Relina Kontoyiannis
Major Shareholder & Proxy Director

Ms. Relina Kontoyiannis the major shareholder and Proxy Director of Endurance PC has extensive experience in Crude and Petroleum Products Supply and Trading, Refining, Marketing, Shipping and Logistics thus covering in terms of experience and knowledge the entire spectrum of the oil industry from a hands on perspective. This expertise has been amassed over a span of forty consecutive years of active presence as an executive in the Industry.

Ms. Kontoyiannis an economist by academic background has served the largest Independent Oil and Energy Group Motor Oil Hellas for 39 years as of 1983 initially as Crude and Products Manager and subsequently as General Manager Supply and Trading completing this tenure in January 2022 and in doing so not only has accumulated substantial and valuable knowledge throughout the span of her career but also recognition from the market participants.  

As of February 2022, Ms. Kontoyiannis has created and developed as proxy Director and main Shareholder the company Endurance PC which has successfully offered high value services to its clients in advisory and expert matter, brokerage, investment expert advices as well as in Business Development relating to supply and trading in the Oil Industry.

The experience accrued over the years involves an end to end knowledge of supply and trading of Crude Oil, Feedstocks and Petroleum Products, Base Oils and Waxes  as well as related contracts, shipping, logistics, refinery operations, trade finance, insurance and price risk exposure management and legal.

Through the years of active presence in the Industry in senior positions,  the networking accrued, developed and maintained  with the Oil Industry’s National and International Oil and Energy groups as well as with the Major and Minor Trading Houses and Brokers  offers the sound base which in tandem with Ms. Kontoyiannis expertise aims to secure high end services to the Customers of Endurance PC on a total solution basis in trust, confidentiality and respect.