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The scope of work of Endurance PC is to offer high quality advisory and expert matter services to Oil and Gas Companies, to Governments, Investors, Asset Managers and Arbitrators on a total solution basis.

The experience that is provided by Endurance PC is related to Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Base Oils, Gas and Alternative Energy either on the front end related to the movement of oil and products namely Refining, Trading, Supply, Logistics and Storage while also providing knowledge and expertise on the Business Development angle. 

The quality of services also is connected to Investment or Asset Management  Projects where the Investors require expertise in evaluating the options and viability of their investments. Similarly, the experience accumulated over years of on hand experience on the entire spectrum of the Oil Industry also permits the use of Endurance PC as an expert witness in Arbitration and Mediation dispute cases of the Industry.

The Greek Company under the trade name “Endurance PC”, is a newly (2022) established Private Company organized under the laws of Greece, having its registered office at 7, Sporadon Str. Chalandri, Attica Greece (Greek Tax ID Numb: 801784810- Greek Companies Registrar (GEMI) Numb: 163273601000). Its scope of business contains, among others, the provision of advisory services to oil industry enterprises, as well as, brokerage services for commodities such as gasoline, gasoil, fuel oil, naphtha, lubricants, bitumen, LPG, LNG, other petrochemicals and Crude Oil and Condensate. Mrs Relina Kontoyiannis, the major (99,1%) Shareholder and proxy director of “Endurance PC”, is an oil industry professional, with extensive experience in the Refining, Downstream Marketing as well as the Shipping Industry, accumulated over a span of nearly 40 years of active presence in the Industry. 

Mrs Kontoyiannis has worked in Motor Oil Hellas, the largest independent private refinery in Greece, for 39 years as of 1983: in 1988, as Manager of Crude Oil and Products and subsequently in 2018 as General Manager of Supply and Trading, completing this successful tenure in January 2022. 

The experience accrued covers end to end knowledge of supply, trading, trade finance, price risk management, refinery operations, programming, as well as shipping and logistics across the spectrum of all types of Crude Oils, Base Oils, Waxes and all Petroleum Products.  In addition, the networking accrued through these many years of executive positions is substantial ranging from the industry IOCs, NOCs, as well as major and minor Trading Houses and Market participants thus allowing the maintenance, as well as, the expansion of business on various levels on a total solution basis. 

Said experience and networking passed on to Endurance PC, ensures that its customers and partners shall receive high end, well trusted and quality advisory & brokerage services to the oil trading community.


FInancial Statements
Within this section, you can access the financial data pertaining to Endurance.