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Expertise and high level advisory services in the Oil and Energy Sector accumulated in a one stop experience.

Crude and Petroleum products Trading

Expertise related to to opportunities in theCrude Oil and Petroleum Markets is offered on an effective and reliable base.

Refining and Refinery Operations

We assist in optimizing Refinery Operations with a view particularly to Offsite potentials and maximize refinery profitability.

Logistics and Storage

End to end advisory on managing and optimizing Crude & Products transportation and related terminal operations.


Secure shipping options as well as enhance shipping routes and related economics in tandem with trading opportunities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

High level advisory potential on opportunities to invest or enhance mergers and acquisitions involving technical & commercial expertise.

Arbitration and Mediation

Expert Witness capabilities are offered to capitalize on the extensive end to end expertise in the oil industry and legal cases of the industry.

Brokerage and Hedging

Brokerage services as well as Hedging Advisory are provided on a reliable and confidential basis.

Business Development

Endurance advises on an end to end basis on business expansion, consolidation or identifying of opportunities in the oil and gas industries.


High level of training which encompasses the entire spectrum of the trading, supply and shipping in the Crude, Products and Gas markets.

Relina Kontoyiannis


Proxy Director

Mrs Relina Kontoyiannis, the major Shareholder and proxy director of “Endurance PC”, is an oil industry professional, with extensive experience in the Refining, Trading, Downstream as well as the Shipping Industry, accumulated over a span of nearly 40 years of active presence in senior positions of the Industry.

ENDURANCE PC: The reliable, trustworthy and effective Energy Partner.

Crude Oil & Products

Comprehensive understanding and view on oil market fundamentals, trends and opportunities on a global basis on a front end, BD or downstream angle.


Comprehensive analysis on the energy transition, decarbonisation, alternative fuels and the commercial opportunities.


Advisory on the fundamentals of the Natural Gas and LNG value supply chain on a global basis as well as regional regulatory framework.


Mapping of the risk exposure factors and profile of each asset or operation in the entire spectrum of the oil, refining, downstream and shipping angles.


Capability to participate in Arbitration or Mediation Proceedings as Expert Witness on cases related to the oil industry as well as to provide advice on disputes.


Advisory on Professional Services Agreement (PSA) contracts as well as on the related marketing of the produced equity crude or gas.